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Property Maintenance Services

Rest Assured
** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **It's nice to know if you have an emergency that the Avatar Properties maintenance team will be available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are committed to respond promptly and to stabilize your emergency situation in an efficient manner. Should your emergency require specialized services outside our expertise, we will call upon our network of trusted vendors with whom we have built working relationships through the years.

Always Proactive
However, it is within the realm of proactive and preventative maintenance that Avatar Properties is truly set apart from the competition. Regular site inspections by our team of property managers allows for most maintenance issues to be resolved before they become critical in nature or maintenance emergencies.

Property Management Services

** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Our property management offerings start with a dedicated team utilizing their experiences to provide counseling and advice to each of our Associations' Boards of Directors in accordance with general industry standards.

  • Association bookkeeping
  • Rental and leasing services
  • Maintenance services

The Avatar Properties management team is committed to handling every situation with professionalism and due diligence, as if every client property were owned by Avatar personally. However, we are sure to give our client property associations the principle due respect of final control. While the Avatar property management team will give advice, it is each association that decides what is best for their current and future situations. Each association therefore has final control of their business.

Please contact Avatar Properties today to discuss your needs and to better understand client services The Avatar Way.